Main Products
    1. Ultra High Pressure Cleaner, 90TJ3

      Ultra-high pressure cleaner has a lower flow but has a much lower rate of energy consumption. The maximum power is only 90Kw. These UHP cleaning systems are designed for industrial cleaning applications with lower flow requirements.

    1. Ultra High Pressure Cleaner, 200TJ3

      200TJ3 ultra-high pressure cleaner is one of our top selling water pumps from our cleaning division. These UHP pumps are often used for cleaning alumina processing, petrochemical, power plant and food processing facilities. Max. Power: 200KW

    1. Ultra High Pressure Cleaner, 250TJ3

      High pressure washing system is used to remove contaminants in heat exchangers and vapor vessels in sugar refining, power plants and metallurgy operations. It can also be used for rust and paint removal from pipes and other metal surfaces.

    1. Ultra High Pressure Cleaner, 500TJ5

      500TJ5 ultra-high pressure cleaner is large flow pumping device that is an upgraded version of the 250TJ3 UHP cleaner. The device is built with 3 to 5 plungers to allow for multiple spraying nozzles that all have a super large flow.

    1. Ultra High Pressure Pump, 90TJ3

      90TJ3 series of ultra-high pressure pump is a compact, lightweight and high efficiency fluid pump. The water jet pump is ideal for use in the oil and petrochemical industry, for power plants, the construction, automobile and other industries.

    1. Ultra High Pressure Pump, 130TJ3

      Ultra-high pressure pump applies a forced lubrication method and uses herringbone gears to drive the high speed shaft and crank shaft, which enables a stable drive, reduces the friction coefficient and lowers noise.

    1. Ultra High Pressure Pump, 200TJ3

      Water jetting machine is specifically designed for heavy duty cleaning jobs for ships, tanks, boilers and steel structures, offshore platforms, road and bridge structures, etc.

    1. Ultra High Pressure Pump, 250TJ3

      High pressure plunger pump can be used to clean ships, remove rust, paint and other contaminants from offshore platforms, steel structures, road and bridge structures, tires, tanks, etc.

    1. Ultra High Pressure Pump, 500TJ5

      500TJ5 series is a low speed fluid pump with a compact yet amazingly powerful design that supplies a large, high pressure flow that runs stably with low noise, minimum vibration and high efficiency.

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    1. >> Product Maintenance

      During high pressure pump operation, oil temperature should not exceed 70℃ and medium temperature should not exceed 55℃. >> More

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